About Ms. Minimalist

My interest in minimalism as a lifestyle choice and productivity strategy is the result of the evolution of my philosophy of life from the Voluntary Simplicity of the 1990s environmental movement, my liberating gypsy-like time living out of two small pieces of luggage (with no car and no actual home of my own) as a newbie flight attendant, and my respect for the uncluttered serenity of Japanese interior design and the Buddhist message of impermanence. It was reignited in the 2000s by Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek and his bringing our attention to the Pareto Principle from economics, a.k.a. The 80-20 Rule (80% of the desired results comes from just 20% of efforts), Parkinson’s Law (the task will expand to fit the time allotted–so shrink the time allotted), and from the medical field, Minimum Effective Dose, or MED (that is, use just enough to get the job done), and refined in our current decade by the new minimalism of microliving, beautifully brought to life by TreeHugger.com founder, Graham Hill, and his fabulously simple and versatile LifeEdited.com microstudio apartment in New York City.

I’ve spun a feminine blog title because my vision is to contribute a woman’s voice on the topics of essentialism, minimalism, and productivity because the productivity blogosphere appears to be dominated by male voices, using decidedly testosterone-heavy military and sports metaphors. It’s time for a bit more estrogen on the topic.

Why blog about it instead of just living it? Because after all these years of this common thread, I’m still not quite where I’d like to be with reaching the ideal of a minimalist life. Our society gives constant pushback, what with the accelerating availability of tech gadgets (I love a good gadget!), social media and entertainment time-sucks, and constant bombardment of advertising and social messages to do more and buy more, faster and faster! (Cue whip crack)!

Writing has a way of requiring us to slow down and think. It holds us accountable for practicing what we preach. And, it spreads the word to others: you are not alone–it’s challenging, but we’ve got this!

What makes me qualified to write a blog? Well, I have a master’s degree in library & information science, I’m a certified teacher-librarian, and I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism. (For more info, visit my LinkedIn profile).

And, so, there you have it. I hope you’ll join me on this journey toward living a beautifully, conveniently, uncluttered minimalist life in which you have enough space and just enough things in your home, workspace, and your schedule to enjoy, contribute, connect, and blossom.